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Clevelinks, August 24: Honoring a Legend in John Adams

Tonight, the Indians will honor Cleveland Indians super fan and bleacher percussionist extraordinaire, John Adams. After 40 years of supplying the rhythm to virtually every Indians rally and pulse pounding moment by beating away on his drum, the Indians will give Adams a tribute of epic proportions tonight. Literally 40 years to the day since he first began his tenure as the Indians unofficial drummer, he will be honored for his years of dedication through good times and through bad. Today’s edition of Clevelinks is dedicated to John Adams.

John Adams Links:

Zack Meisel outlined the history behind John Adams, his drum, and the role he has played throughout the Indians history.

The Plain Dealer/ pays tribute to Adams in this article by Tim Warsinskey.

Glenn Moore sat down and talked with John Adams. The interview can be seen here.

Of course, the true sign of whether or not you have made your mark in the world is having your own Wikipedia page. As it turns out, John Adams has a wikipedia page.

Did the Tribe Win Last Night has an excellent piece up on their site about John Adams and his legacy in Cleveland.

If you so desire, you can follow John Adams on Twitter

Here is another interview from a few years back with John Adams.

Great Lakes Brewing company named a beer after Adams back in 2012.


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