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Weekly Wroundtable: Battle of the Editors

For those of you who pay attention last week, you may have noticed that things around here were being operated a little differently. That’s because I was on vacation and entrusted the site to our prospect guru, Geordy Boveroux. He did an admirable job and as such he should be commended for the work that he did. Key words: Should be. Unfortunately, that’s just not how we roll here at Wahoo’s on First so for this week’s Wroundtable question I asked the staff the following question: How would you rate Geordy’s performance as editor? Here’s what they had to say.

Jeff Mount: Geordy was editor?

Geordy Boveroux: We have a writer named Jeff?

[redacted]: I Challenge everyone to answer this week’s Wroundtable in one word.

Evan Vogel: Bull****

Ed Carroll: Napoleonic

Brian Heise: Confrontational

Steve Kinsella: Magnificent. Best. Editor. Ever.

Geordy Boveroux: Sexual

Merritt Rohlfing: Meh…

Steve Kinsella: Seriously, what’s the real Wroundtable question this week?

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