Betting on Cleveland Indians baseball

Anyone who has ever seen Eraserhead will know that people living in Cleveland could do with some success from their sports teams to cheer them up. The Indians could be the side to provide that success next year, if you take the pre-season odds at bookmakers as a guide, because they have been decently priced for both their league (the AL) and the World Series. Of course it is way ahead of the action just now, and a great deal could change between now and the end of March, but at the moment the Indians could be worth a wager for one of these.

Betting on the Indians for the World Series is the bigger outsider gamble, with odds of 25/1 putting them quite a way behind the favorites, but far from rank outsiders. These odds could be tempting for the punter who favors a bigger risk, with the concomitant greater reward if the bet pays off, although they will probably be too long to attract more conservative baseball betting punters. Of course, as mentioned above, a lot can happen between now and the actual start of the season, so any bet now is a huge risk, which is what makes online casino MLB themed slot machines such a valuable alternative.

You can play games such as Hot Shot at any time without worrying about form, fitness or transfers upsetting things afterwards and now, with mobile casino apps, you can play them anywhere as well. This means being able to enjoy the graphics depicting a baseball field, pitchers, hitters and baseball caps, and the sound effects of bat on ball and roaring crowds, while you are on the move – not to mention the monetary jackpot. The standard of the payout on offer with them, quality visuals and cheap betting that you get with these games make them a perfect way to pass the MLB close season.

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