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Do you love the Cleveland Indians? Do you enjoy nonsensical rambling and hyperbole? What if I told you that Wahoo’s on First has taken both of those things and mashed them together to form the world’s greatest Cleveland Indians podcast? Would you be excited?

Well then, let’s get weird.

If you’re a fan of our weekly podcast, Wahoo’s on the Mic, you’re going to love this news. Wahoo’s on the Mic is taking it to the next level. You can now follow Wahoo’s on the Mic easier than you ever have before. Subscribe to us on iTunes and get the latest episodes downloaded directly to your laptop, iPad, or smart phone.

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So, if you love sandwiches and saying dirty words, complaining ad nauseum about paying relievers and how small ball sucks, or living the carefree O.C. lifestyle while piloting a Disney boat along a mechanized track, then why not subscribe to Wahoo’s on the Mic. Make it a date to spend time each week with hosts Merritt Rohlfing, Ed Carroll, and Nick Houghtaling as they break down the latest Cleveland Indians news and headlines.

They’re also not afraid to venture off the beaten path and dive into the hard hitting issues like which flavor Starburst is the best, who would win in a fight to the death, man or beast, and why Ed can’t pronounce words and names correctly. It’s a grand old time. So if you don’t already, give the guys a listen. If you’re a fan, go subscribe. And as always, send us questions and comments.

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