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2014 Cleveland Indians Tickets: Top Five Series At Progressive Field

Fresh off their first playoff appearance since 2007, Manager of the Year Terry Francona and his Cleveland Indians squad are looking to improve on last year’s wild card berth with a division title. Finishing just one game back of the Detroit Tigers last year, Cleveland has high hopes that their young pitching staff, aced by Justin Masterson, can grow from good to great. The average price for Cleveland Indians tickets at Progressive Field are up 15% from last year, at $76.58. As the wins and temperature continue to rise during the dog days of summer, ticket prices are sure to follow.

Take a look at the five highest season series below:

1.) New York Yankees, July – Average Price, $126 – 65% above home average

The Bronx Bombers come to Cleveland for a four-game series in early July. The Yankees have completely revamped their roster this offseason with the major signings of Jacoby Ellsbury, Carlos Beltran and Masohira Tanaka. The $491M offseason spending spree may create even more opponents of the Evil Empire, but their drawing power on the road remains one of the highest in baseball. With an average ticket price of $126 for the series, buyers are seeing a whopping 65% increase over the home average for Indians tickets.

2.) Houston Astros, August – Average Price, $125 – 64% above home average

The Houston Astros make a late August trip to Cleveland for a three-game weekend series with the Tribe. Houston had a tough transition to the American League last year, but is fielding a young and upcoming team who will challenge throughout the season. The price for this series is averaging an astronomical (pun!) 64% higher price than the standard Indians home game at $125 per ticket.

3.)  Texas Rangers, August – Average Price, $121 – 59% above home average

The Texas Rangers are one of the chief playoff rivals for the Indians and will make their sole appearance in Cleveland for a three-game weekend series at the start of August. The Rangers took an already dynamic offense and added Prince Fielder and Shin-Soo Choo to the fold during the offseason. This weekend series at the peak of summer is drawing ticket prices at a $121 average price, or 59% higher than the average price of an Indians home ticket.

4.)  Cincinnati Reds, August – Average Price, $113 – 47% above home average

The Cleveland Indians will look to retain the Ohio Cup for the fourth straight season when they face off with the Cincinnati Reds in a four game series in August. The first two games will be played in Cleveland and are seeing prices at a 47% premium, $113 each, compared to the average home price. The last two years saw a series tie between the two teams, which allowed the Indians to carry over the trophy each year since they took it back in 2011. Joey Votto and the rest of the Reds may have other plans for the trophy.

5.)  Baltimore Orioles, August – Average Price, $112 – 46% above home average

The Baltimore Orioles will make their sole Progressive Field appearance for a three-game weekend series in August. Chris Davis, Adam Jones and Manny Machado will bring the high-octane Oriole offense to Cleveland at the peak of summer’s dog days. The Orioles are surely going to be in the mix with the Indians for a playoff appearance and this series could far reaching implications come October. Tickets for the series are averaging $112 a pop, or 46% above the Cleveland home average.

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