Sep 3, 2013; Cleveland, OH, USA; Cleveland Indians right fielder Jason Kubel (12) during a game against the Baltimore Orioles at Progressive Field. Mandatory Credit: David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

The Nonsensical Heckling of Jason Kubel

Jason Kubel Heckled by Fans… But Why?

Part of going to any sporting event is the opportunity to heckle the players on the opposing team. It’s a fun time. When it works, it’s great. When properly done, heckling can turn a typically solid player into a blob of frustrated mush. It helps us think that we somehow played a part in leading our team to victory.

Here’s the thing, though. When it comes to heckling, I’m a big proponent of doing it when it makes sense. Albert Belle when he came back to Cleveland? Totally legit. Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter? Go for it.

Jason Kubel? Ummm, what?

That’s exactly what happened yesterday during the Indians 7-3 loss at the hands of the Minnesota Twins. Sitting out in right field, I got to watch and listen as fans berated Kubel for any number of things. Normally that’s fine and I wouldn’t bat an eye at it. Kubel was the nearest available player, so he felt the wrath of the right field stands. Sure it makes more sense to berate Joe Mauer and his perfectly perfect Head and Shoulders hair, but he was all the way in the infield. What’s a half buzzed fan to do?

Here’s the thing though. It got to a point where it just didn’t make any sense at all.

Case in point. The heckling of Jason Kubel officially stopped making sense was when this gem flew out of someone’s mouth, “Jason Kubel! Wort trade ever!”

Uhhh… What?

I was unaware that this was true. If only I knew the details of that trade. Oh wait, I do. For those that don’t, here were the details of the “worst trade ever” according to MLB Trade Rumors: 

“The Indians swung a deal to bolster their outfield and DH depth today by acquiring Jason Kubel from the Diamondbacks in exchange for a player to be named later. Both teams have announced the trade. Arizona will reportedly receive a fringe prospect and pay all but $200K of the remaining $2.27MM owed to the 31-year-old ($1.27MM in salary plus a $1MM buyout of a $7.5MM club option).” 

That player to be named later ended up being Francisco Lindor. Oh wait, no it wasn’t. It was Matt Langwell. How will we ever survive without Matt Langwell? Oh, the humanity!

Right now, Matt Langwell is a free agent. The Indians could literally get him right back if they wanted him. Right now!

They don’t.

In essences, the trade for Jason Kubel cost the Indians a grand total of $200,000 and a pitcher that they apparently didn’t really want in the first place. All so they could get an extra bat to put at the very end of their bench. But yes, this was the worst trade ever. Who knew?

Stop it. Just… Stop it.

This is more of a public service announcement than anything else. If you are going to heckle a player, make sure you know what you are talking about before you start going on and on about things that you apparently know nothing about in the first place.

Stick the tried and true favorites. Make fun of a player’s mom. Go on and on about how you slept with his wife/sister. Question his ability to hit or pitch his way out of a wet paper bag. Just please, stay away from categorizing trades that you obviously do not know that parameters of. I beg of you. Stop. You’re making us all look bad.

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