Chief Wahoo: The History of a Controversial Icon

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Chief Wahoo

Credit: @ClevelandFrowns

Chief Wahoo has a Long, Storied History

News broke on Wednesday that Chief Wahoo is being removed from the top of the totem pole as the Indians primary logo. In his place, will be the Block C that has gradually become more prominent in recent years. Despite the reaction by most fans and the denials by the Indians, the move is not all that surprising in the grand scheme of things. Given the ever-increasing tension surrounding the use of Native American imagery in sports, the move was only a matter of time.

With that said, if this is the end of the line for Chief Wahoo now is as good a time as any to review the history of the logo. From its beginnings as an innocent caricature meant to inspire fan enthusiasm, through good times and bad, really… really bad, and then back to the most successful years the franchise has ever seen, Chief Wahoo has been along for the ride the entire time. And while he may be going away sometime in the near future, we’ll always have the memories.

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