Classic Albert Belle Moment From 1996 Season

Proof You Don’t Mess with Albert Belle

Every so often someone on Twitter unearths a lost gem. Sometimes it’s a forgotten photo or meme. Other times it might be a funny video or stupid quote. But, in the case of what was discovered on Sunday night, a great moment in the history of the Cleveland Indians came to light for the first time in years.

What moment am I talking about? What point in time could elicit an overwhelming sense of glee? Well, take a look for yourself. Below is a Tweet originally Tweeted by @FightsOnVine.


Yes, that is none other than the moment in time during the 1996 season when Albert Belle went full semi-truck on Brewers second baseman Fernando Vina.

It was awesome then and it’s still awesome now. There needs to be a Twitter accout created for the sole purpose of tweeting out vines of classic Albert Belle moments. Is this a thing yet? Can we make it a thing? Perhaps I should take it upon myself with my new-found free time in a post editor world.

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