ESPN Sportscenter Examines Ten Cent Beer Night

Ten Cent Beer Night Promotion was One for the Ages

Baseball teams are notorious for promotions intended to increase attendance. We’ve seen fireworks, bobble heads, and even faux jerseys. These are among some of the most popular promotions in baseball today. Of course that wasn’t always the case. In a different time and era, promotions were more extreme. They were the types of promotions that in today’s era of political correctness and moms that got mad, it’s rather hard to think outside of the box of safety.

However, forty years ago this coming Tuesday, the Cleveland Indians held what might have been the most infamous promotion in the history of Major League Baseball. It seemed like a great idea at the time, a fun idea even. But, what began as a fun-filled party quickly morphed into a violent riot that saw fans storming the field and players brandishing bats for protection.

What was the promotion in question? Well, it was none other than Ten Cent Beer Night.

To honor the memory of that historically catastrophic day… at least that’s the way I choose to view this… ESPN will featured Ten Cent Beer Night later this morning on the 10 am edition of Sportscenter. Interviews with local writers, sportscasters, and players who participated in the game will be featured prominently as they relieve the events of that fateful evening.

“There wasn’t a whole lot of fans coming to ballgames. If the Indians drew 10,000 fans at any given point, that was considered a big crowd.” — Greg Brinda, Cleveland radio host on the 25,134 fans attending Beer Night.

“For one dollar, you could get a ticket in the bleachers for 50 cents and five beers.” — Jim Bede, fan who attended Beer Night.

“You know, I must’ve had probably 15 or 20 pounds of hot dogs thrown at me. The one memorable thing I had thrown at me was an empty gallon jug of Thunderbird wine.” — Mike Hargrove, Indians first baseman on Beer Night.

You can check out a short preview of the feature below. Be sure to tune in this morning to see the feature in its entirety. And be sure to check back in later this week as we discus the legacy of Ten Cent Beet Night.

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