Deal Or No Deal?

Hey everyone, Fansided’s Call to the Pen is doing a series of collaborative posts by the MLB network on what each team should do at the trade deadline. I think it’s too early to trade Fausto Carmona, and even though you would be “selling high,” you’d also be selling out your fans that have already been put through the ringer this season. For the lazy, here’s what I wrote:

As the trade deadline fast approaches, the Indians are running out of time to rid themselves of the flotsam and jetsam that is clogging up their major league roster. Unfortunately for the Indians, the guy teams seem to have the most interest in, Indians All-Star Fausto Carmona, is also the guy the Tribe probably shouldn’t trade unless they get their socks knocked off with an offer. For a guy like Carmona, who is still under team control for at least another two years, the Indians should ask for at least one ML-ready player and a couple high ceiling prospects. It’s a high asking price, but Carmona is still valuable to this team.

Regardless of what the Indians do with Carmona, the Tribe still should see what they can get for guys like Jake Westbrook and Austin Kearns. Outside of Carmona, these are probably the most attractive players the Indians have available for a trade. No matter where Westbrook and Kearns go, the only thing the Indians should be bringing back is young players. The whole reason of trading these guys is to get more playing time for the kids, so why should they trade veterans for more veterans? But if outgoing GM Mark Shapiro wants a swan song, he needs to land something of value for closer Kerry Wood (currently on the DL with a blister on his right index finger) and/or 3B Jhonny Peralta (who’s in the midst of yet another mediocre season and whose option will most definitely not be picked up). It will be extremely hard to find takers for Wood and Peralta, but if Shapiro is able to do so, he needs to make the deal.

I want to hear from you guys though. What do you think the Indians should do at this deadline. Be realistic, but feel free to be bold, and let me know!

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